Alatus rallies support for riverfront tower

MSP Business Journal –

Developer Alatus has released more details of a residential tower it wants to build across the Mississippi from downtown Minneapolis as it seeks support from neighborhood groups.

The Journal has a report on the latest specs of the project, which would be built on the sites of the St. Anthony Athletic Club and a Washburn-McReavy funeral chapel. It was first reported by the Business Journal in early July.

When first proposed, it was envisioned as a 20- to 30-story structure, then it grew to 40 stories. Now it’s set at 35, says Alatus’ Bob Lux, barring any requirements from the city.

At 35 stories, the project would still be a fair bit taller than anything around it and would command superb views of the river and downtown. It would accommodate 185 condos or 250 apartments; Alatus hasn’t decided which, though some neighborhood groups prefer condominiums. The firm is also still working out the final design, though the Journal reports ESG Architects is leaning toward something glassy and contemporary after talking with neighbors.

Lux is also talking with Ryan Burnet, one of the restaurateurs behind Barrio and Bar la Grassa, about a street-level restaurant.

A final design could come this winter.

By: Mark Reilly
Date: August 27, 2014 6:41am CDT
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