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– Finance & Commerce For all the hundreds of millions invested so far in Rochester’s Destination Medical Center effort, there’s still a long way to go to hit the final goal of $5.5 billion in new development. Since 2013, total private investment was pegged at $428.7 million at the end […]

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– Finance & Commerce The snow is still falling, but across Rochester old buildings are being torn down, construction fences are going up, and developers are securing building permits for an array of projects on the drawing board for the 2018 building season. Much of that construction is related to […]

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– MSP Business Journal Minneapolis-based developer Alatus this week closed on financing for its $125 million apartment complex in Rochester, Minn., and will begin construction soon. The Post-Bulletin reports on the latest step in a long process for Alatus, which first proposed the project in mid-2016 and had hoped to […]

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– Post Bulletin The Alatus project, a once hotly contended 13-story residential and commercial tower proposed in southwest Rochester, is headed on to a final review at the Rochester City Council with a unanimous recommendation of support from the City Planning and Zoning Commission. The project, proposed between 14th and […]

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– Post Bulletin A 100-year building with materials and design directly informed by the context of Mayo Clinic and the historic Folwell neighborhood — that’s how the developers of a major mixed-use project neighboring Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys Campus described the 13-level building. After seeing and hearing the plans described […]