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  Finance & Commerce – In the coming weeks, Doran Cos. will start sinking steel pilings into a soggy site in New Hope to prepare for Alatus LLC’s apartment project next to a city-owned golf course. Financing the work delayed this particular project for seven months, but that’s just a […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2017 Contact: Jessa Lux, Alatus LLC 612.455.0701 | Developed by Alatus, LLC, 8400 Bass Lake Road brings distinctive architecture and luxury amenities to Northwest submarket Minneapolis, Minn. – A new amenity-rich, luxury apartment community is under construction at 8400 Bass Lake Road in New […]

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Star Tribune – Address: 8400 Bass Lake Road, New Hope Units: 183 Developer: Alatus LLC Architect: UrbanWorks Architecture Details: New Hope officials accomplished a long-held redevelopment goal in March by approving a new luxury apartment complex to be built next to its municipal golf course. Minneapolis-based Alatus LLC will build […]