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-Star Tribune The seven-county metropolitan area population now tops 3 million, according to U.S. Census Bureau data distributed by the Metropolitan Council. Growth extended to exurbs, suburbs and particularly to central cities: St. Paul has grown by 5.4 percent since 2010 and now tops 300,000 residents for the first time […]

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– Star Tribune Minneapolis is on the cusp of getting its second major condo project since the recession. Developer Bob Lux said Tuesday that he will build a 40-story tower with 207 condominiums in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood just across the river from downtown Minneapolis. The decision comes after months of […]

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– MSP Business Journal Development firm Alatus has unveiled new renderings of the 40-story luxury tower it’s planning at 200 Central Ave. in Minneapolis. Alatus principal Bob Lux has been working on the tower proposal since the summer of 2014. Initial renderings showed a 40-story tower with 325 units. Minneapolis-based […]

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The Journal – Alatus has been back to the drawing board since first surfacing plans last year for a tower on the Washburn-McReavy Funeral Home site. The Minneapolis-based developer presented preliminary concepts to a neighborhood development committee Oct. 6 that showed several different visions for the site across the river […]

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Finance & Commerce – With property in hand and designs in motion, Minneapolis-based Alatus LLC is contemplating a 2016 construction start for its planned residential tower in the St. Anthony Main area of Minneapolis. Alatus founder and principal Bob Lux said plans are moving along for the project, which could […]