About Us

Integrity. Quality. Foresight.

Alatus is the ancient Greek word for “to take flight”, or “to look beyond”. We do both, delivering projects and performance that are consistently above and beyond the expected, while continuously searching the horizon for new opportunities.

Founded in 2005, Alatus LLC is a Minneapolis based real estate developer with expertise in urban and suburban residential multi-family development, commercial development, parking and property management, and single family home development. Established by Bob Lux, an award winning real estate developer, Alatus focuses its efforts on real estate development and re-development projects in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Our leaders have combined their passion for real estate, commercial development, and investment to build a truly dynamic organization that excels in a variety of endeavors.

Alatus is comprised of a highly skilled team with decades of expertise in development, construction, finance, and marketing. Each of our divisions possesses its own unique talents and strengths. Each, too, share a commitment to the values that make Alatus much greater than the sum of our parts.


To provide innovative solutions and high quality projects for the clients and communities we serve.


Alatus’ core value is professionalism which is collective experience, skill, and shared values of its team members; Respect, Selfless Service, Honesty, and Integrity. These values provide the foundation upon which we perform our duties to achieve our goals to meet and exceed the objectives and expectations of those we serve.

Standard of Excellence:

Pursuit of excellence and high professional standards in all facets of operations and mannerism is vital to the livelihood of our success; achieved through

      • Implementation of best practices.
      • Constant skills training.
      • Development of leadership skills.
Leadership, Teamwork, Ethics

The practice of engaged and positive leadership is the foundation that our team is built upon.

      • Treat each other and the clients and tenants we serve with respect, humanity, professionalism, and honesty.
      • Teamwork in both reactive and proactive measures.
      • All of our actions should reflect positively upon our partners, clients, and tenants and should stand up to any and all public scrutiny.
Client Representation

Continuously working to meet and exceed the financial and operational expectations and needs of the clients we serve.

      • Provide clear, concise, and timely reporting and communication.
      • Provide best in class customer service to clients, ownership and tenants.
      • Leverage experience, knowledge, relationships, and resources for the benefit of our clients.
Community Engagement

Proactively engage local, community, and industry partners in dialogue, share information, and initiate and participate in thought leading and operational best practices.